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The Salvation Army is a Christian organization built on a military structure. Like military officers, Salvation Army officers get moved to a new assignment as needs arise. Our officers know going in that they’ll be moved in order to match their expertise and experience with the needs of the Army and the community they serve.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Majors Thomas and Kimberly Stambaugh who will serve as Co-Coordinators of The Salvation Army’s services to the Treasure Valley. 

Majors Thomas and Kimberly Stambaugh have been Salvation Army officers for 17 years with various appointments in Northern California and most recently serving as corps officers in Guam and Micronesia Islands Coordinators for four years. Before they departed, the Governor of Guam presented the couple with a Proclamation of Recognition for their work and ministry and service to the staff, advisory board, and people of Guam and the Mariana Islands.

Majors Michael and Nancy Halverson have done incredible work in both Nampa and Boise. Next, they will take up a new post in Denver, Colorado where they have been assigned as Corps Officers at The Salvation Army Denver Citadel. We’re grateful for their service in Ada County. 

Our leaders in Nampa will also be moving to take up a new post in Perris, California at The Salvation Army Riverside County Adult Rehabilitation Center. We wish Captains Ricky and Sylvia Scruggs well and thank them for their love and care of the Nampa community. 

We are pleased to share that Lieutenant-Colonels Joe and Shawn Posillico have been appointed as the new leaders for The Salvation Army's services in Nampa, Idaho. Lieutenant-Colonels Joe and Shawn Posillico have been Salvation Army officers for over 35 years, with a wide range of corps and administrative appointments. Recently, they served as leaders overseeing The Salvation Army’s work in Arizona and New Mexico.